About Us

Ucademy is an accredited learning institution that provides professional training and skills development programmes for the Business Process Management industry. We provide customised learning solutions to prepare South African youth for the BPM job market, build and sustain the skills and behaviours that are essential to meeting the business needs of clients in the BPM industry, as well as to enhance South Africa’s BPM value proposition by continuously developing employees, which allows them to level up in work and life.

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to deliver business led programmes that are customised and blended in order to meet the performance needs of our clients.

We work in partnership with our clients to:

  • understand their business and development needs
  • design and deliver high impact learning solutions
  • develop and implement powerful reinforcement programmes
  • track and measure for continuous improvement and sustainability

Our Basics

The basic things we need to do well to make our clients and our people great. For us, great looks like the achievement of your goals. We partner with you to facilitate the achievement of your client’s Skills Development strategy and scorecard.

Our People

All the aspects touching our people’s lives, their development and wellbeing.We’re fanatical about developing people, they’re our biggest asset. We seize opportunities to develop people to unlock their potential and Ucademy strives to develop beyond our own.

Our Magic

All the client value we plan to add, over and above basic expectations.

Ucademy’s Executive Director: Judy Robison

As the Executive Director of Ucademy, Judy Robison specialises in the strategic design and implementation of learning and development business solutions. Ucademy is an accredited training and development provider with a national footprint, specialising in a vast array of work readiness, talent and leadership development solutions across sectors.

As a pioneer of innovative approaches to learning and development Judy is passionate about transforming and enriching lives by co-creating sustainable futures for clients and learners alike.

Our Values


We treat everyone with respect at all times – our clients and learners, recognising their needs and objectives; our colleagues, recognising their strengths, contributions and personal circumstances and our competitors, recognising that, together we create an environment that pushes us to constantly excel.

Lifelong learning

We recognise and support the desire and ability of individuals to grow, improve and level up. We provide relevant, structured and on the job training programmes in all aspects of business process management – incorporating mentoring and coaching to encourage lifelong learning.


We build partnerships with people and organisations who share our ideals so that together we can achieve more in the BPM sector and the communities from which we draw our talent.

Educational excellence

We are committed to excellence by designing and delivering high quality learning experiences. We manage by measuring - we are always looking for ways to improve our offerings.


We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. We mean what we say and we are committed to honest, open communication and doing the right things for the right reasons.