Meet Alrina Laker

Senior Group Manager, Training

Alrina is a Content and Digital Learning Solutions Manager at Ucademy, a division of WNS Global Services, South Africa. She is an integral part of the Ucademy team, bringing an unmatched passion and thirst for learning.

The Ucademy team brings together highly skilled and qualified individuals, who combine to offer a unique value proposition. Alrina emphasises, “I think what makes us work is that each of us brings our own unique essence to the team and is celebrated for that. Mix us together and you get Ucademy. That, along with a shared purpose, is our secret”.

Alrina has been actively involved in the successful setting up and enablement of the Digital Learning Solutions project for both WNS South Africa and the Ucademy external market.

“The Digital Learning Solutions project focusses on creating a space online, where teachers and students can meet and engage in meaningful learning experiences. In essence, we are taking the classroom online. Not just the classroom, but all learning events and interactions”, states Alrina.

At WNS, we are ensuring that we enable our trainers and facilitators to be competent in delivering learning via an online platform. Learning solutions will comprise a combination of eLearning components, virtual classroom sessions, webinars and live chat rooms, all delivered on a digital learning experience platform that integrates all of the above components, as well as LinkedIn learning lessons, TED Talks and more.

Alrina observes, “It’s not just about logging on to a virtual classroom. It’s about changing the way you facilitate learning to create meaningful virtual activities and group engagements”.

“Delivering on our Digital Learning Solutions project is definitely key. The world has changed and we need to ensure that we can enable business and our learners to change with it or rather, be ready for it”.