Qualifications Offered

Contact Centre: NQF 3

Intended for:

Contact Centre Agents


  • Provide effective customer service in a contact centre/call centre and/or BPO industry.
  • Use communication technology in a contact centre.
  • Capture data to track interactions.
  • Work effectively as a team member in a group.
Contact Centre: NQF 4

Intended for:

Team Leaders and Agents preparing to level up


  • Identify and implement service levels and their monitoring in contact centres.
  • Monitor and control contact centre/call centre support staff and the meeting of their targets and standards.
  • Apply specific contact centre/call centre sales knowledge and skills in creating and meeting sales targets and requirements. Identify specific contact centre/call centre customers.
  • Coach others in contact centres/call centres.
  • Work with contact centre/call centre statistical data.
Generic Management: NQF 4

Intended for:

Team Leaders, Support Staff, Specialist Managers


  • Develop plans to achieve defined objectives.
  • Organise resources in accordance with developed plan.
  • Lead a team to work co-operatively to achieve objectives.
  • Monitor performance to ensure compliance to a developed plan.
  • Make decisions based on a code of ethics.
Generic Management: NQF 5

Intended for:

Operations, Support & Specialist Managers


  • Initiate, develop, implement and evaluate operational strategies, projects and action plans to improve the effectiveness of the unit.
  • Monitor and measure performance and apply continuous or innovative improvement interventions.
  • Lead and manage a team of first-line managers to enhance individual, team and unit effectiveness.
  • Apply the principles of risk, financial and knowledge management and business ethics within internal and external regulatory frameworks.
  • Enhance the development of teams and team members.


Our Destined for Diversity programme aims to enrich the lives of disabled graduates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds with an opportunity to further their education and career aspirations while integrating into mainstream employment. The curriculum comprises a blend of post-graduate studies, soft skills training, coaching and experiential learning. The 12-month programme allows the graduates to apply learned theory into practice and to develop and grow their skills within the Ucademy, WNS Global Services Contact Centre and Financial Service arenas.

First delivered in 2017, Ucademy partnered with WNS Global Services SA on the design, development and implementation of a world-class Disability Graduate Development Programme that can truly empower and grow a diverse workforce.



One of Ucademy’s focus areas is the management of learnerships through the implementation of a professional learnership framework, which is designed to ensure optimal benefit for both the employer and the learner. Our team of learnership experts will be able to walk your team through all the steps in the learnership journey.

During our discovery session, we will ensure that we help you understand each milestone within the learnership journey, aiming to highlight the most critical components to take into consideration when embarking on or managing a learnership within the workplace.

Our team of experts across South Africa will ensure that your learnership is managed as a structured learning process which combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills application in the workplace, leading to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Qualifications are Outcomes-Based and therefore the knowledge component is acquired through training, whilst the skills component is achieved back in the learners natural work environment. Ucademy, as a registered training provider will ensure that all the minimum requirements are met in terms of the requirements within a particular qualification.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellence and some of the benefits may include; expanding or growing the skills-base of your organisation, campaign or business. Creating employable opportunities for individuals who can add value and grow your business, which could be linked to your Broad-Based Black Economic (BBBEE) under the Skills Development Category. Our team builds lasting relationships with learners, whether they by employed or unemployed by providing them with opportunities to improve existing skills and develop additional ones. This means that both theoretical and practical workplace learning within the workplace takes centre stage while excelling within the workplace and achieving a national recognised qualification.


Future Ready Internship

Ucademy, together with WNS Global Services SA, has sourced and hosted 150 learners and interns across five sites - Century City, Bellville, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

The internship programme equips young job seekers with the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate them into the world of work. Modules include:

  • Personal Mastery
  • Business Ethics and Protocol
  • Business Communication
  • Customer Centricity
  • Computer Literacy
  • Developing Positive Assertiveness
Ucademy Team Photo

Nicolus Sebolai says: “Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for all that I learnt during class, you taught me how to present myself in my life. You taught me how to communicate with people. This experience has made me a better person. Thank you for the opportunity to work in Recruitment. I’ve decided that I want to complete my studies and hope to find a job still.”

Nicolus Sebolai, Bongani Matyolo and Lukhangele Maqokolo gain experience in the Recruitment Department of WNS Global Services after completing a six-week job readiness programme with Ucademy.

Ucademy Team Photo



Ucademy offers customised training and support which meets the needs of individuals and companies to ensure successful completion of the regulatory exams and financial qualifications, as well as a solid understanding of TCF and FICA requirements.


At Old Mutual DFA we provide our clients with financial advice on a range of insurance and risk products.

Being in a direct insurer we recruit large volumes of new entrants into the financial service industry every year and every year we see young people having to go through the stress of having to pass an Regulatory exam to be able to continue on their career path.

Ucademy and Christell Lategan made it easy for these employees since we started our relationship this year. They have a different, personalised approach in their training while remaining extremely professional. It has been nothing but inspirational to see advisors cheer each other when the results are published. Their passion and approach must be recommended to the industry.