Meet Elethea Mac Simlah

Senior Group Manager

Elethea has been in the learning and developmental education arena for over 15 years.

Recently Elethea managed the operational and strategic inception and implementation of the Delft Digital Skills Programme, where she worked closely her team to manage multiple sponsors and delivery partners to ensure the programme meets the required outcomes.

The program is aimed at empowering young unemployed learners with skills for a digital future and preparing them for employment in a growing Business Process Management Industry 4.0.

The exciting #SkillUp ‘Go Delft’ Programme is a 4 month Digital Customer Service Agent (CSA) learning programme delivered through a combination of self-directed learning on the AI enabled Digital Learning and Development platform, digital learner engagement and facilitated unit standard workshops.

Learners complete competency-based evaluations on the #Skillup Platform, providing us with an objective measure of whether the programme is delivering on its ultimate objective. To ensure learners have acquired the skills needed to position them for employment, setting them up for future success, the programme aims to equip the learners with:

  1. Work readiness life skills and performance predictive Customer Service Agent skills to prepare the learners for placement opportunities within the BPO sector;
  2. Digital skills to equip learners for a new way of learning and working within the 4th industrial context and beyond
  3. An accredited unit standard customer communication (NQF level 3) including EQ Training, personal Mastery which learners can add to their professional qualifications.

‘’I am extremely proud and privileged to part of the Ucademy team. We are like-minded individuals who all believe that education is key and changing one life at a time. We are a multi-skilled team, playing to our strengths but also being flexible to be able to respond to unexpected challenges as they arise.”

“Covid-19 pandemic has changed our approach and has shifted our focus to how we deliver our programmes to our learners. Our Programme is designed with a digital future in mind and we have been able to rapidly adapt to a fully digitally delivered programme, leveraging the existing #SkillUp learning platform and learner engagement tools. Ucademy is set to go 100% digital, while maintaining high levels of customer service and learner engagement. Ucademy must remain Agile and we are evolving all the time. Exciting times ahead!”