Meet Jandre van Zyl

Deputy Marketing Manager, Developer and Designer

Jandre is a key support to the Ucademy team when it comes to web development, learning management, administrative support, and graphic design.

He enjoys regularly working on many different projects, where no project is the ever same. His unique skill set makes him a valuable contributor to the team. He is passionate about taking people's ideas and turning them into reality, to help them achieve their end goal.

“I always look forward to what the team brings next to the table and how I can contribute to that project in terms of my skill set.”

His current ‘passion’ project is Moodle 2.0 upgrade for the existing online learning management system, which is essentially creating a whole new look and user experience for the students. "It is a great opportunity for me to broaden my skill set and learn more about the fundamentals of what makes a great online Learning Management System."

One of his greatest enjoyments is the team he works with.

“It's a family away from home and no matter what the challenge is, I can always rely on every single one of them to give their best and work in conjunction with one another to achieve the same goal. The culture of the company is also a breath of fresh air as it takes care of their employees and there's always room for your ideas to be heard.”