Meet Joy Smith

Assistant Manager

Joy has been an integral part of Ucademy Learning and Development Academy since 2017. Her motto is “Teamwork makes for dream work!“ “We pull together when the need arises and we assist each other when we are called upon to band together to achieve very tight deadlines. What more can one ask for?“

Joy's latest project involvement is in the #Skillup Digital Skills Programme. The programme is aimed at empowering unemployed youth of South Africa with skills, which would allow them to be employed in the BPO sector. She assists in all aspects of the programme from project planning, learner engagement, stakeholder engagement, and reporting.

Learners are equipped with multiple skills from Customer Communication to understanding, managing their EQ, and interview skills to mention a few. Their learning journey encompasses a blended approach of face-to-face facilitation and online learning. The results are phenomenal as Learners' confidence levels are boosted as they progress and the difference is apparent when they receive certification at the end of the programme.

“For me, this is the best place to be as I am able to contribute, communicate and add value in all areas. The best part is witnessing these learners undergo a complete metamorphosis, not only because of what they are taught, but also due to the focus on inculcating self-belief. It’s just an awesome feeling to know that I am part of a team making such a marked difference to these young lives”, says Joy.

We are looking at taking the #Skillup programme completely online. We have proven that this is possible by successfully taking one of our #Skillup - Delft Cohorts through their final few weeks on a digital platform. This need arose because of the Covid-19 pandemic and we had to adapt the programme and content, at very short notice, to enable our Learners to complete their learning. Amidst the current crisis, we find ourselves in, the digital learning approach allows us to reach more youth and we are excited at the prospect of helping them change their lives for the better.