Meet Katja Alves

Senior Group Manager, Training

Katja is a Senior Group Manager in the Learning and Development team (International Business Units), and oversees all operational training within this space. She has been with the organisation for nearly three years now.

With years of operational experience in the Business Process Management (BPM) sector, she jumped at the opportunity to move into the learning and development space. "I believe that if you instil a passion for learning within any agent, they will be able to see the start of a career as an exciting journey and not just another job. Every classroom is a stepping-stone to the rest of your career if you wish to pursue and take it on".

In her role, she can ensure that her team thrives on positive energy and passion, and passes it onto every learner who steps in through the doors, making a direct impact on the learner's journey from day one.

Her team is involved in several operational projects across campaigns, from supporting the agents that are working from home to upskilling and cross-skilling, and improving operational metrics through continuous learning.

"Working with the Ucademy team has opened my eyes to a whole new world of learning that I couldn’t have imagined before. The extent of experience that is in this team allows you to look at learning and development with fresh eyes, and the ability to be creative and look for new solutions is endless. Every conversation we have as a team is exciting as we grow and develop together in the ever-changing world to which we deliver".