Meet Priyadarshini Nanjundappa

Group Manager,HR

Priya has been a part of the talent development team for the past three years and is involved in facilitating both accredited and non-accredited training in Shared Services, Centurion. She also engages with business partners to activate their learning needs and drive their overall development.

She is involved in the delivery and management of learnerships, and currently oversees several research projects in the organisation. Learnership management involves facilitation, stakeholder engagement, coaching and guidance to learners, monitoring of assessment and moderation.

She enjoys interactive and mutual learning experiences with actively engaged learners, and is passionate about bringing her doctorate experience of positive psychology into the arena of skills and potential development. She loves to walk them through the entire process and watch them succeed.

"I am fortunate to be part of a wonderful team where we support each other unconditionally and always make it work despite the challenges and roadblocks. We constantly strive to do the best keeping our learners' interests at the heart of our projects".