Meet Rozina Adonis

Skills Development Practioner

Rozina started her journey with Ucademy as an independent contractor, doing assessments and moderation for various programmes. In 2019, she formed part of the #SkillUp Programme, where she was a facilitator, assessor, and moderator for both the Salt River and Delft #SkillUp Programmes. In her current role, she manages a team of associates and interns who work on SETA Learnership Programmes, Skills Programmes, and B-BBEE applications.

Rozina has been part of learning and development since 2007, where she started her career as an administrator for the BPO sector and has since transitioned into a role as a private training service provider.

She enjoys working with her team who are hands-on and willing to learn all there is to know. “They are adaptable and always eager to know to learn new skills and processes. Their thirst for knowledge is what makes my team tick!”

She is passionate about the journey of her learners. Seeing them on the first day being so nervous and reserved and later seeing their growth when they graduate. Her passion speaks for itself, “We remain learners always…learning from our teams, learning from our managers, and learning from our mistakes is what is great. “

She is currently working on the WNS Learnership programme, where she is involved in the SETA and back-office administration with the help of an awesome team. Her goal is to ensure that Ucademy learners have the support they need throughout their training and to make sure they finish strong.

She would encourage young men and women that are aspiring to become leaders they can achieve anything with a can-do attitude, the right mindset, and support from their fellow leaders. ”Never think that you are not worth it, believe in yourself and you will succeed.”

Becoming part of the Ucademy team has given her more scope than she imagined. She is part of a team that allows her to take initiative and have an open mind to implement change where it is needed. “We are all about developing and growing not only our learners but ourselves as well as a team”.

“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination, but when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special” - Nelson Mandela