Meet Ruan Arendse

Senior Associate, HR(Administrator)

Ruan Arendse joined the Ucademy team in 2017, working his way through the Digital Skills Programme and thereafter progressing to become a Senior Associate – HR (Administrator). He is extremely passionate about his role that involves capturing data on all internal and external training programmes (that the Ucademy and WNS SA staff attend), and compiling it into various business reports.

Ruan places great faith in his team and enjoys the fact that there is recognition, growth, and stability within the business.

He is also involved in the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) reporting project and works tirelessly to ensure that monthly, quarterly, and year-to-date reports are accurately recorded. This enables Ucademy and WNS SA to reach the targeted B-BBEE levels.

Ruan speaks highly of the Ucademy Digital Skills Programme. The programme equips learners with various key skills, particularly emotional intelligence. Ruan elaborates, “I can now easily control my emotions. Prior to the programme, whenever I was in a difficult position or when a task would prove to be overwhelming, I would slack down and try to avoid the situation. Now I can face any task assigned to me and easily adapt to any environment”.

He encourages learners interested in Ucademy Skills programmes not to hesitate, but to take the opportunity head-on. "These programmes not only prepare you for the work environment, but they also aid your personal development”, he concludes.