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Our Services

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BPO Professional Training and Qualifications

Managed Learning Services

Future Fit

Our Learning Programmes

Team Leader Development

We recognise that having equipped and skilled Team Leaders is currently a gap within the industry. Team Leaders that are unskilled or not equipped to lead their teams directly impacts the level of employee engagement, as well as the ability to achieve team and organisastional goals. This makes the role of the Team Leader a pivotal role for operational success.

Job Readiness Programme

According to the 2017 Stats SA report, South Africa’s unemployment rate is currently at 27.7%, with over 5.4 million (46%) youth unemployed. Research indicates that a key difficulty facing young work seekers is the fact that the South African labour market favours highly skilled employees and little value is placed on matric certification.

Destined for Diversity

In line with the priorities of the National Development Plan 2030, “people with disabilities must have enhanced access to quality education and employment. Efforts to ensure relevant and accessible skills development programmes for people with disabilities, coupled with equal opportunities for their productive and gainful employment, must be prioritised.

Coaching Centre of Excellence

The Ucademy CCoE delivers Coaching training programmes as well as Coach Support services and solutions to support Leaders-as-Coaches for the business sector. A big focus is on performance and transformational coaching, which allows them to level up.


Ucademy offers customised training and support which meets the needs of individuals and companies to ensure successful completion of the regulatory exams and financial qualifications, as well as a solid understanding of TCF and FICA requirements.

The Ucademy team is highly competent, knowledgeable and experienced in the field of learning and development. By always striving for continuous improvement, Ucademy succeeded in remaining at the forefront of innovation around learning and people development. Ucademy is a respected and valued partner who delivers high quality solutions on time and with impact.

Leann Coetzer – WNS HR Director

After failing my RE twice, I was ready to throw in the towel. I even went as far as entertaining other career paths. I decided to give it one more try. I attended classes facilitated by Christel Lategan. Her Level of understanding gave me confidence to know that I was able to pass this examination. She emphasised the importance of knowing "The Law". It was not just important to learn the information "parrot-fashion" but also to understand the application of the information and where it fits in the FAIS, FICA and every other applicable law. It is a pleasure to recommend Christel as a facilitator because she knows her stuff.

Riccardo Roodt - Financial Adviser – Old Mutual

I found that the Ucademy team, as an accredited training provider, have a very well established and mature training and development capability and were able to design and deliver the pilot programme with great ease and effect ensuring that we achieve our targeted outcomes for the project.

Andy Searle – CEO BPESA

Our Values

Our values establish a framework for all our strategies and decisions. These are standards by which we strive to conduct daily business. Each team member is expected to uphold these values towards learners, colleagues and clients.


We treat everyone with respect at all times – our clients and learners, recognising their needs and objectives; our colleagues, recognising their strengths, contributions and personal circumstances and our competitors, recognising that, together we create an environment that pushes us to constantly excel.

Lifelong learning

We recognise and support the desire and ability of individuals to grow, improve and level up. We provide relevant, structured and on the job training programmes in all aspects of business process management – incorporating mentoring and coaching to encourage lifelong learning.


We build partnerships with people and organisations who share our ideals so that together we can achieve more in the BPM sector and the communities from which we draw our talent.

Educational excellence

We are committed to excellence by designing and delivering high quality learning experiences. We manage by measuring - we are always looking for ways to improve our offerings.


We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. We mean what we say and we are committed to honest, open communication and doing the right things for the right reasons.